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Car Wash Services

All washes DRIED BY HAND!

Compressed air is used to blow out excess water to limit run-off.


Basic Wash

  • Exterior Wash
  • Dash Area Dusted
  • Interior Vacuum
  • Glass/Windows Cleaned Inside/Out
  • Mirrors Blown Out w/ Compressed Air


Wheel Deal Wash

  • Includes the Basic AND
  • Wheel Bright
  • Hand-applied Tire Dressing
  • Choice of Fragrance


Works Wash

  • Wheel Deal Wash AND
  • Triple Polish Conditioner
  • Clear Coat Protectant
  • Rust Guard
  • Includes Rain-X Surface Protectant
  • 48-HR Clean Car Guarantee! 


Exterior Good Wash

  • TradeMark's Signatrure Exterior Wash w/ pH-Balanced Shampoos
  • Reverse Osmosis Rinse 
  • Factory-Approved Touchless Air Drying
  • Courtesy Exterior Touch Up


Exterior Better Wash

  • TradeMark's Exterior Wash
  • Wheel Brightner
  • Triple Polish Conditioner
  • Clear Coat Protectant
  • Hand-dry Finish 


Exterior Best Wash

  • TradeMark Exterior Wash
  • Wheel Brightener
  • Triple Polish Conditioner
  • Clear Coat Protectant
  • Rust Guard
  • Rain-X Surface Protectant
  • Hand-dry Finish
  • Compressed Air Mirror Blow Out
  • Hand-applied Tire Dressing

1007 W McDermott, Allen

Detail Services

The Mini Detail, Wax and Leather Care take approximately 45 minutes to complete (depending on volume). Appointments are not

necessary. Due to the more involved process, appointments required for the Showroom; completion times estimtated after

vehicle assessment. *Prices based on 4-door sedan.


Mini Detail

  • Includes the Works wash AND
  • Interior Dusting with Compressed Air
  • Clean and Treat the Dash, Doors 
  • and Console with Leather/Vinyl Protectant
  • All Mats Cleaned
  • 48-HR Clean Car Guarantee!
  • * Large Vehicles & SUVs $10 extra


Leather Care

  • Leather Cleaner and Conditioner cleanses and rejuvenates leather interior
  • Protects your investment
  • *Prices listed based on 4-door sedan; add $20 per additional row.


Wax Coating

  • Premium wax with blended silicones
  • Adds richness and depth of color
  • High gloss protection
  • *Add $10 for small SUVs; $20 for large SUVs & vans


Synthetic Polymer

  • Produces a noticeable deeper, darker, more reflective paint finish
  • Synthetic polymers deliver extreme protection


The Showroom

  • Clay Treatment
  • High-Speed Polish
  • Synthetic Polymer Sealant

1007 W McDermott, Allen

Additional Services

In addition to the car wash and detailing services we also provide Headlght Restoration, Windshield Chip Repair,

and State Inspections services. Appointments are not required and based on first-come-first-serve basis.

All services performed daily by a trained technician.


State Inspection

Performed by certified technicians. Usually takes about 15 minutes to complete once the inspection process begins. We'll remove your old sticker. As of March 1, 2015, the state of Texas no longer requires a State Inspection Sticker. For more information visit Two Steps One Sticker


Windshield Chip Repair

Restores structural integrity of the glass; cost effective; environmentally friendly; 99% success rate. *Multiple chips? $10 for each additional chip repaired at the same time.


Headlight Restoration

Drastically improves driving visibility and vehicle appearance